Writing sentences that are to form either poetry a short story or a novel is a conscious act. This is what creative writing is all about: to communicate something in a chosen form of writing. Difference in form and style of writing is one of the factors helpful in distinguishing one creative writing from another. That is why creative writing is so fascinating and inspiring when it comes to creative communication in language. Being able to create a unique story that will get all what an author wants to communicate out there is a partial success. Getting a reader into conscious reading is yet another thing. What then is so unique in poetry writing that other types of creative writing are missing?

Each writer has her/his own distinctive style of writing. It can be the use of vocabulary. It can be writing in a certain chosen form of writing, that designates how the communication is going to be organized. It can be the way of linking narratives within the creative writing process. Conscious choice of form and style of creative writing is the very beginning of conscious creative communication. Writers write something and then there are readers at the other end of this creative communication that have to decide how to make sense of the words being written. What one person writes and what other person reads may be “the same”, and yet by what they mean in their own understanding of “this same” text may differ significantly to each one of them.

One can get enough attention
and there will be something else
in the air, on the radio, on the internet
that will take it away in an instant gaze.
Look there is more to come…” – from ” CATCHING WORDS”


Consicous creativity can be investigated by taking creative writing as an example. Writing poetry for instance is not only one of the best instant creative conscious acts of thinking in writing and at the same time communicating in language. Let say, that we are about to write a poem with the broad use of words in the English Language. To be able to do it we have to not only know how to read and write in the English Language, meaning we have to learn the gramma of the language, vocabulary and the use of different words in different contexts. To be able to write conscious poetry in the English Language and at the same time to be able to communicate something creatively in this languege we have to have the language skillset for this type of creative work. Being able to do that consiously we are able to add something new, a new set of not only creative work, but also we are able to add new meaningful words full of new meaningful corelations. Unconsicous communication in creative writing happens at times when there is no ability to either understand nor know the words that are being written. But then it is not possible to be certain whether this kind of creativity can be called poetry at all – not like white poems, that are the rare form of words being written one next to another one without standard gramma rules and conventions.”