Writing towards better understanding of progress in content creating…

Writing in the original, consciously chosen style is something that supports conceptual phase when constructing a longer content as a book for instance. It is creative brain storming and creative writing that can influence the whole content and consequently inspire progress in content creating. But having a bunch of progressive ideas is one thing and getting customized book as a whole product is yet another. In between the inception of ”a book” as an idea and the finished, completed product: ”the book” is a lot of work, most of it related to editing (when the original writing phase is done, of course). It happens that very often the original idea of a book is very different from the finished and done – the completed product – re-edited more than once and ready to read – the Book itself. So, picking ideas that inspire more content creating is a very important, if not the most important phase in creative writing.

”Human beings agree in saying that they see, hear, feel (and even though some are blind and some are deaf). So they are their own witnesses that they have consciousness.”

– L. Wittgenstein 

Day – 4 – It is conscious decision making during picking up ideas for writing that inspire progress in more content creating.

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