”Open minds” & ”More to plan ahead” – Poetry time…

Listen to WHITE POEM – OPEN MINDS read by the Author of #HOLIDAYS_WE_MAKE
via https://jumpshare.com/v/3pokpogN55dJ6j7i9Muz

Listen to more #POETRY read by the Author of #HOLIDAYS_WE_MAKE
via https://jumpshare.com/v/iMzYtB5wfO75y4p5Qinh

We make our travels our own each time we live through each step. We may notrealize all at first, and we may not have clear intention to make it so intense. Sometimes we travel to pass the time in life. Sometimes we travel to learn. We sometimes learn when travelling.

It is also possible, that we make our own way from being completely unconscious about what we are living through to the realization, that we actually have lived through something consciously. It sometimes does happen, that we make our subconscious dreams come true. It does make a difference each time we do…


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