Writing to inspire voicing out ideas…

Writing has many different purposes such as telling a story, making an impact with inspiraitonal words, getting the kowledge out there, but most of all it is all about voicing out ideas. The more inspirational ideas, that corespond to the contemporary and most trending the better. It is in the very ideas inspiring and brain storming process, that inspire progres in the first stages of any writing.

Consious reading is taken as the most advanced ability for people who use their cognitive capacity to the full when learning and development. Whether it is a novel, novelette, poetryshort story or/any other type of creative writing it is highly valued. When it is consciously written and read, it is then and only then taken seriously in any discourse related to dialogue and creative communication. ”

In dreams begins reality or else? Modern take on conscious decision making in writing and readership.

Day – 2 – It is the matter of ideas sharing to make the message legible.