In moments of inspired workinghours…

Writing a book, let’s say, from scratch can be a daunting task. It is related to many different types of literary, conceptual, editing and then publishing decisions. It is important to choose well and make the most of the chosen set of ideas. Making the work systematic and full of ongoing progress is crucial to the overall success when writing a book.

I mean, as we see the world existing throughout own minds, that constitute reality, full of perceived and cognized content, representation free, and yet morality embedded in our own metaphyics of thinking. When the reason corresponds with its meaningful content, and the mind creates sense through individual perception of the world. Where the ideal translates the humane to its full potential.”

Story Time – In #Dreams Begins #Reality by Karolina (Kala) Karmaza

When setting up a story it is all about the inception of ideas that are going to be explored. the more conscious writing process the better. It is the process that unlocks the content. It is the ongoing learning and development that inspires progress, It is an open mind, that is capable of writing and re-writing in the painstakingly long editing, that frames the whole.

Day – 1 – It is the realization of the concept in ideas gathering process.