#Travelling that makes a #book worth writing.

Each time I pick up another idea for writing I wonder whether it is really worth it? Is it really needed? And who is going to read it? These conceptual questions, that are the ”be or not to be” of my next writing venture are one of the first questions I aks myself before I dedicate my time to yet another publication. In the same time I am fully aware of the fact, that even though I decide to write something I think it is worth it others may not think the way I do. So, what it takes to write an e-book and in the same time to encourage others to read it?

Making time for a hobby these days meets with encouragement, especially when it has anything to do with learning and development. We, as thinking human beings like to discover and explore new ways of doing things, we like to learn and most of the time we do like to inspire others. It is how our nature has been working since the inception of the human kind according to the most famous animalistic theory of the species. But then whether we want to treat ourselves as a linear beings or not, it is our own choice each time we do exchange arguments during discussions that require knowing the general idea of our nature (vide expanded reading). Thinking as a cognitive capacity needed when reading and writing presents us with the whole range of different kind of arguments when it comes to making use of what we read and write. According to our personal choice of a reading we provide ourselves with not only yet another story, but yet another way of thinking. It is that chosen way of thinking that makes a difference in dialogue making.

“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”

― John Locke

Picking up a new idea for writing is like making a decision of picking up a mind frame, that is needed to deliver another story. As each story idea begins differently, picking up words for writing chosen story idea is an intentional act. That is why thinking is sometimes like travelling, meaning that we do discover ways to tell a story, to write about a story and in the same time we get inspired by not only by the process itself, but also by the choices we make. It is like deciding where to go on holidays: is it going to be a crowded place or maybe an isolated space? Is it going to be full of interactive and very attractive activities, or maybe it is going to be an everyday experience in another country? Is it going to be something similar to what we experience on a daily basis, or maybe it is going to be something completely different and without any comfort zone? – and off course there is always space for a mashup reality that adds up to foreign familiarity we can adapt to easily and with some elements of culture clashes we can cope with. It is possible to point out many choices based on how much similar or different it is all from our own reality. So, getting an idea of a book that is worth writing, and then encourage reading it is still very fascinating – the more we read and write the more we expand on our thinking.

Travelling for new #ideas expands #writing horizons...

It is satisfying, when ideas picked up for new writing work as a meta-transit to another way of thinking, that inspire yet another way of storytelling. Regardless of what others may think of our chosen storyline, it is very rewarding when we do get inspired to write more and more and in the time to focus on modern ever changing way of not only communicating, but most of all dialogue making.

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