From e-reading to ecological choices – does it make any sense?

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I love books, and all to do with contemporary writing, and yet I have an impression that modern reading is more and more likely to inspire ecological decisions when it comes to raising awareness and knowledge sharing. Is it just my thinking or maybe there is something to it?

It is known as the common knowledge that our first source of systematical information, knowledge and wisdom comes from writen storytelling

“Where verse narrative, which is a form of history and genealogy, is concerned, the same disciplines naturally apply. Growth and change, variation and decoration, are strictly regulated by a respect for the integrity of the material being carried forward. And an oral tradition is retentive, even when the man or woman who carries the record in memory is uncertain of a meaning. Forgetting meanings does not mean the language that conveys them has forgotten.

 – Michael Schmidt

Without going into the discussions on oral story sharing as a first tribal communication for strengthening the identity of the certain tribe culture, it is that written stories brought a real difference to better understanding of not only communication but most of all dialogue making. As much as we do make sense with our communication based on storytelling, we do learn more each time we add more and more to the modern communication based on writing. And each writing can be published in many different formats, forms and promote different style not only in thinking, but also and foremost in decision making.

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