BRAIN MATTER does MATTER – making sense of cerebrum data, and all to do with CONSCIOUS CREATIVE COGNITION.

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A large and coherent body of evidence now shows that cortex and its resonant satellite, the thalamus, jointly constitute the brain basis of conscious experiences.” – Bernard J. Baars

Conscious experiences are still the most exciting of all experiences not only from scientific point of view, but also in arts and humanities. It is the conscious mind, that is able to create a beautiful painting, at the same time capable of knowing and understanding ”what”, ”how”, ”why” and ”what for” it is being created. It is the conscous mind, that is able to create a poem or/and a song and at the same time analyze it from many points of view. It is the conscious mind, that is able to write a book and at the same time make sense out of its content. So, conscious creative cognition is a great way of making use of our creative mind potentiality.
Let’s make it possible!

BRAINY BOOK is a new creative take on conscious creative cognition. This interactive e-book with audio elements and creative design is yet another example of consciouss creativity. This time brainy style. Enjoy reading! Come back for more…